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Bridging the Digital Divide, Part 4: Deprovisioning—The Back Door Hackers Depend on You to Leave Open

In the previous blog post of our Bridging the Digital Divide series, we discussed how automated provisioning can provide near-immediate account creation and resource access that manual workflows simply can’t match. When it comes time for a user to change roles or leave your district altogether, automated deprovisioning is equally as important—arguably more so from security standpoint.   Not only can automated deprovisioning tightly control access to your users’ personally identifiable…

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Bridging the Digital Divide, Part 3: Automating Provisioning for Improved Accessibility

Every summer, school district IT professionals across the country are faced with the daunting task of preparing for the upcoming school year; onboarding new staff and students, creating their necessary digital accounts, granting and revoking permissions to numerous digital resources, and deprovisioning accounts no longer in use.   For many, these operations are done manually, which…

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Bridging the Digital Divide; Providing Equitable Access Across Devices (Part 1)

In the last 20 years, technology has drastically changed the average American classroom; interactive Smartboards replace blackboards and chalk, laptops or tablets stand in for composition notebooks and pencils, and school libraries are supplemented by the internet’s wealth of knowledge. However, educators know digital inequality abounds not only between districts, but also within districts and…

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