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Bridging the Digital Divide, Part 2; Balancing Accessibility with Security

In last week’s installment, we introduced the concept of the digital divide and the first steps you should take towards improving equitable technology access within your district; (1) providing consistent, reliable internet connectivity throughout your schools, and (2) ensuring HMTL5 compatibility across all devices through an access management platform.   In this post, we’ll discuss how to strike a successful balance between securing your users’ personally identifiable information and providing…

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Bridging the Digital Divide; Providing Equitable Access Across Devices (Part 1)

In the last 20 years, technology has drastically changed the average American classroom; interactive Smartboards replace blackboards and chalk, laptops or tablets stand in for composition notebooks and pencils, and school libraries are supplemented by the internet’s wealth of knowledge. However, educators know digital inequality abounds not only between districts, but also within districts and…

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