Supporting Digital Transformation One of IT’s Main Objectives as More Teachers Use EdTech Daily

January 23, 2020

With 63% of K12 teachers using educational technology in their classroom daily, IT departments are undoubtedly some of the most integral staff to school systems nationwide. That’s why we’re highlighting IT’s top priorities for 2020 as part of our ongoing series on district stakeholder objectives for improving operational efficiency in the new year.  

Our interviews with IT teams across the country revealed three things technology staff are working to achieve: 

  • Improving end user experiences:As online tools become more prominent, IT’s focus has increasingly begun to shift towards creating end user experiences that are conducive to learning and teaching. Automating the provisioning of accounts and resources can significantly improve students’ and educators’ classroom experience by providing immediate access at any time.  

  • Applying cybersecurity best practices: To keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape faced by the K12 sphere, IT departments work hard to engineer security policies and assign the appropriate level of permissions to each user. A comprehensive IAM solution can ensure IT’s cybersecurity strategies are being implemented faithfully throughout your district’s digital ecosystem. 

  • Supporting digital transformationWhen it comes to making the classroom of tomorrow a reality of today, your IT team is at the forefront of this effort. To realize the full potential of educational technology in your district, IT needs adequate IAM tools to ensure not only the initial setup of resources goes smoothly, but to follow through and make sure adoption at the individual user level is successful as well. 

As mentioned in our last postYour C&I Team’s Top IAM Prioritieschoosing an identity and access management (IAM) platform should be a collaborative effort across your district to ensure each of your departments’ objectives are taken into consideration. Your IT team’s emphasis on balancing excellent end user experiences with adequate cybersecurity means selecting a flexible IAM solution that can integrate with your existing systems to enforce security policies and tool adoption. 

Next week we’ll be continuing our series by focusing on top HR priorities, which include e onboarding employees efficiently, ensuring data integrity, and protecting personal data — and how effective identity management can add value there as well.