Improving Operational Efficiency Among 2020 Goals for District Administration

February 6, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we’ve conducted a deep-dive of digital transformation objectives shared districts’ HR departments, IT teams, and C&I personnel nationwide. In this fourth and final installment of our series on top stakeholder priorities, we’ll be taking a closer look at what goals school administrators are hoping to achieve in 2020, and how effective identity management can facilitate them 

During our discussions with district leaders in school systems of various sizes, we heard these three reoccurring themes: 

  • Ensuring return on investment (ROI) for purchased educational tools: As leaders of publicly-funded institutionsschool administrators are under pressure to make purchasing decisions that add value to the classroom experienceUnutilized or underutilized digital tools present a significant economic risk. Having insight into how frequently staff and/or students are accessing specific resources enables the reclamation of unused software licenses and ensures fidelity of use, a concept that relates to tool adoption.  

  • Improving operational efficiency among institutional teams: Those in education understand the value of working smarter rather than harder, perhaps none better than administrators themselves. For district personnel to take on big-picture goals, it’s critical to minimize manual tasks like data entry, password resets, and onboarding of new users. A central provisioning engine that automates these processes and recovers hours of employee time to dedicate towards more significant, far-reaching projects. 

  • Maintaining the district’s reputation as a responsible steward of staff & student data: With the current threat landscape, people are warier than ever of handing over their personally identifiable information (PII). Though not directly involved in cybersecurity, administrators are responsible for managing the public’s risk perception. Working with a reputable identity management platform can help put staff, students, and parents at ease; ideally, PII should always be under the sole ownership of the district. 

Truly effective enterprise k12 identity and access management (IAM) can be transformative in how staff across your district approach their day-today tasks, and administrators should encourage all impacted departments to be actively involved in choosing an IAM platformRecognizing the challenges faced by personnel in different roles at various touchpoints in your district’s digital environment is critical for informing an identity management strategy tailored to your unique needs.   

To learn more about how comprehensive IAM can help your personnel achieve their priorities and increase capacity, reach out to Enboard for more information.