Access. Automation. Security.

Enboard is a single source platform that layers on top of your authoritative database, active directory & single sign on applications to provide better integration and automated management.

A few more reasons why Enboard is the right fit for your needs:


Quickly create personal accounts from fully integrated data (SIS, HRMS, LMS, etc.). Provisioning has never been quicker.


Automatically create personal user accounts and setup custom applications for students, teachers, & staff.

Sign-On (SSO)

Recapture Valuable instruction time with secure, personalized access to applications with one login. No more wasted class time.

Enhanced Authentication

Boost security with multi-factor & step user authentication to ensure your systems meet the highest security standards.


Quickly and reliably recover instruction time with simple, user-enabled password reset and account claiming.


Understand how resources are being used with deep data insights and automated & customized reporting that is easy to digest.

Praise for Enboad

“Enboard helped us recover a week of lost productivity during the busiest time of the year.”

Drew Dease, Baldwin County Public Schools

“After using Enboard for a decade, the pay off is too great to quantify.”

Jorge Fernandez, Miami Dade County Public Schools

“Just having all resources in one place- this is a huge benefit, especially with mobile devices."

Eric Brown, Guilford County NC Schools

“The password self-service saves us hundreds of man hours and the provisioning saves me having to hire two engineers.”

Ernie Stripling, Denton School District

How many man-hours could your district save?

Everyone has a Sharon, someone who single-handedly holds together a critical process, like creating new user accounts or resetting passwords. Can you imagine what Sharon could do if the manual processes she manages were automated? We can, but see for your self by taking our Efficiency Scorecard for a spin.

Effeciency Calculator
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  • Security


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Solving your district's technical needs with one, unified platform.


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Platform Specs

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