Fidelity of Use, Part 4; Introducing Enboard Usage Analytics

August 13, 2019


Over the course of our Fidelity of Use series, Director of Development David Carter has explained the three steps essential to gathering actionable insights from resource utilization data; 

1) Understanding Digital Resource Utilization 

2) Connecting Utilization Data to Student Outcomes 

3) Predicting Student Achievement Through Technology Use Patterns 

With the release of Enboard Usage Analytics, we’re excited to help new and established client partners alike take the first step towards uncovering the correlations between resource engagement and learning outcomes that can be used to better inform your district’s EdTech policies and purchasing decisions. What’s great about our new analytics dashboard is that it fosters authentic conversations among C&I, IT, and administrative staff about how to better support both students and teachers.  

As other platforms make themselves available for integration, Enboard eagerly anticipates collaboration in order to provide district leaders the insight needed to facilitate student success. To learn more about Usage Analytics and the possibilities offered by future integrations, be sure to reach out to us. 

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