Enboard Suite

The Optimal Technology Enabled Learning Environment

The Enboard Suite provides the optimal, technology-enabled learning environment.

For Schools

School districts need a better way to securely add and manage digital applications, tools, and devices so students spend their time learning, teachers teaching, IT innovating, and administration leading.


Enboard is the answer, trusted by school districts and over 3 million users across the country to make their lives easier by removing the distractions that get in the way of teaching and learning.


As a truly integrated education technology enablement platform, Enboard solves the increasingly complex issues of access, security, and automation by co-creating the optimal technology-empowered learning environment.

For Administrators

Replace hours of manual work with Enboard’s user provisioning software to manage personnel and student information. With integrated capabilities to assign resources based on student rosters, the system was built to meet your needs. Your information stays protected with enhanced verification and security safeguards.

In the Classroom

Maximize valuable classroom time through a seamless user interface and password self-reset portal that provides easy access to applications and quick password resets. All applications in each student’s portal are unique to each student with Enboard’s single sign-on (SSO) solution.

Securely deliver nearly limitless digital resources to students, teachers, and staff from anywhere with a single logon.

Experience the power of a truly complete, integrated solution that delivers account provisioning, automated rostering, personalized single sign-on (SSO) experiences with user self-service capabilities and resource utilization insights.

Product Overview

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Quickly create accounts from fully integrated data sources (SIS, HRMS, LMS, etc.).

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Automatically create accounts and setup applications for students, teachers, & staff.

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Single Sign-On

Recapture valuable instruction time with secure, personalized access to applications with one login.

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Enhanced Authentication

Boost security with multi-factor & step user authentication to ensure your systems are secure.

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Recover instruction time with user-enabled password reset and account claiming.

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Understand how resources are being used with deep data insights and automated & customized reporting.