Day One Readiness Among Top Priorities for District HR Departments

January 30, 2020

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been delving into district staff priorities for 2020, previously featuring both curriculum & instruction (C&I) and IT staff, and now we’re turning our attention to the HR departmentAs the liaison between teachers, staff, and school administrators, HR often already has a full plate, and your district’s HR system should help lighten rather than add to their workload. Monterey Peninsula USD wanted to improve teacher satisfaction, recruitment, and retention, but their HR platform was holding them back.  

By choosing an effective enterprise K12 IAM solution, Monterey’s HR team addressed the following pain points shared by school HR staff across the country:  

  • Onboarding employees efficiently: Many HR teams report that it takes as long as 2-3 weeks to set up new hires with all the accounts they need for everyday tasks which doesn’t exactly set up employees up for a smooth startThe inability to access the right tools at the right time can leave educators frustrated and negatively impact the classroom experience. Monterrey Peninsula found that by automating account creation and resource provisioning with Enboard, new hires had everything required on day one. “Not only did Enboard remove account creation from our plates, where my staff doesn’t create any user accounts at all,” says Manuel Zamudio, IT Director at Monterey, “ but it added a critical layer of security from no longer having to add accounts manually, which closes a potential back-door into our system.” 

  • Ensuring data integrity: As staff move from one building to another, are assigned different classes, and are promoted to new roles, their attributes in your HR platform will need to be modified and pushed out to peripheral systems. If these changes are not reflected correctly throughout your information ecosystem, it can affect resource access. Ideally, identity management solutions push data out from a single authoritative source, so that any incongruencies can be quickly corrected from the data origin point

  • Protecting personally identifiable information (PII): Adequately safeguarding data is critical to maintaining employee’s trust. Staff are more aware than students of the risk of handing over their PII and want the assurance that their identity remains safe. What better way guarantee safety than to ensure that all that information is owned and managed solely by the district? Even when data needs to be transmitted, your identity management platform should encrypt it both in transit and at rest. 

To learn more about how Monterey Peninsula USD tackled their HR team’s concerns using the Enboard’s comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) suite, read their client success story.  

In our upcoming fourth and final installment of our to stakeholder priorities series, we’ll share what digital transformation goals district administrators have for 2020, and how effective IAM can help.