Client Use Cases

After using Enboard for a decade, the pay off is too great to quantify.”

Jorge Fernandez, Miami Dade County Public Schools

Monterey Peninsula Cuts New Hire Setup Time in Half with Enboard

Monterey Peninsula’s improved Enboard provisioning process delivered an added security benefit, according to Zamudio. “Not only did Enboard remove account creation from our plates, where my staff doesn’t create any user accounts at all, but it added a critical layer of security from no longer having to add accounts manually, which closes a potential back-door into our system.”


New hire account creation was taking over forty minutes and with hundreds to process each summer it was consuming valuable HR and IT resources.   In some cases, the delays were causing teachers to lose out on valuable professional development and delaying payroll.

According to Ryan Altemeyer, Associate Superintendent of Business & Information Systems, it’s a real challenge.  “Schools are unique in that we hire all of our employees basically at one time, so if the account creation and provisioning process is tedious or takes a long time, employees lose out on professional development opportunities, or worse they don’t get paid.”


Enboard's identity and access management platform enabled Monterey Peninsula to fully integrate its authoritative HR, IT, and finance data sources, while significantly improving its ability to automatically provision accounts and important digital resources to new staff.


“We had all these different systems that didn’t talk to each other. We needed a centralized engine that would be able to connect to all these data sources,” said Monterey Peninsula’s IT Director, Manuel Zamudio.  


In addition to freeing up HR’s time for more valuable activities, Enboard’s automated provisioning enabled IT to recover hundreds of hours of staff capacity and boost productivity.

“Enboard actually reduced the number of calls for account creation from around 500 a year to zero,” said Zamudio.  “Now, since IT doesn’t get any calls to create any accounts, we can focus on bigger, more important things.”

Find out how much productivity you can reclaim with Enboard.

Enboard Helps IT Department Gain a Week of Productivity During the Busiest Time of Year

Summer is the busiest time of year for the members of the Baldwin County Public Schools' IT department. On top of making critical updates and improvements to systems, infrastructure, networks, etc. in just 12 weeks, hundreds of faculty and staff must be added to the network, authenticated, and assigned specific applications.  Commonly referred to as provisioning, Drew and his colleagues found that the mostly manual process they were using was robbing them valuable personnel hours during their busiest time of the year.

"We were creating over 300 network accounts each summer, and it was taking us between five and eight minutes to create each one," said Drew. "It was the "monkey-see-monkey-do" type work that has to get done, but it shifts our focus from more strategic projects."

The Baldwin IT team began researching solutions that could recover most or all of the wasted time by allowing them to automate the provisioning process fully. On the top of Baldwin’s list of requirements was the ability for their multiple, disparate databases containing sensitive human resource and student data to talk to one another. Additional requirements included improved single sign-on ("SSO") and a software management portal.

After considering multiple top providers, Baldwin selected Enboard from Encore Technology Group initially because it appeared to "deliver the biggest bang for the buck," according to Drew. Now fully implemented and serving Baldwins' nearly 32,000 students and 3,700 faculty and staff members, Drew, and his colleagues have a fuller appreciation of value the Enboard solution delivers.  

"Since we're no longer as bogged down with account provisioning, we've been able to use the time saved to streamline many other processes," said  Drew. "Enboard has helped us get resources to teachers, students, and staff much quicker."

In addition to fully automating the account provisioning process, Enboard's SSO proved to a valuable addition as well.  "While our SSO solution prior to Enbord was easy to use and inexpensive, it lacked the flexibility and security we get with Enboard," commented Drew. The way the Enboard solution protects student data is also a key benefit.

"Enboard gives us full control of our data and makes it easy for us to manage, so we are better able to safeguard our sensitive student and staff information," said Drew.

Drew and his colleagues also value the unmatched customization capability of the Enboard solution.  Unlike comparable offerings, Enboard tailors its solutions to each district's unique policies and practices. "We need solutions to fit our workflows," said Drew.  "The more flexibility, the better and that's what Enboard provides."

Finally, the comprehensive implementation process and professionalism of the Enboard support team continues to impress Drew and his colleagues. "The Enboard team made a complicated implementation process easy, and the support we've received at every stage of the process has been awesome," remarked Drew.  

"Every member of the Enboard team will go to whatever lengths needed to ensure we get what we need."