About Us

“Every member of the Enboard team will go to whatever lengths needed to ensure we get what we need.”

Ryan Altemeyer, Baldwin County Public Schools

Enboard is much more than a software company.

We’re a true technology partner utilizing a proven, holistic approach that includes strategy, architecture, infrastructure, connectivity, security, access, and world-class service and support.

We are proud to be the only education identity and access management (IAM) provider in the market with unmatched technology experience and practitioner-level expertise. Backed by the nearly 30 years of experience of our parent company, Encore Technology Group, Enboard takes great pride in serving as a leader in education technology hardware, software, and services.

Over the past 15 years, Enboard's focus has been unwavering to provide affordable solutions that ensure all users have secure, simplified access to digital learning and staff resources from any location, at any time, from any device. We strive to deliver these solutions with maximum administrative control and convenience.

The complete Enboard suite of products works together to ensure your workflow is seamless, saving time and resources at the administration, IT and classroom levels.

We invite you to reach out anytime to speak to a member of the team and request a demo to experience the impact the Enboard suite of solutions can make for your school district.

Imagine having a true technology partner by your side that shares your vision and has your back.

Praise for Enboard

“Enboard helped us recover a week of lost productivity during the busiest time of the year.”

Ryan Altemeyer, Baldwin County Public Schools

“After using Enboard for a decade, the pay off is too great to quantify.”

Jorge Fernandez, Miami Dade County Public Schools

“Just having all resources in one place- this is a huge benefit, especially with mobile devices."

Eric Brown, Guilford County NC Schools

“The password self-service saves us hundreds of man hours and the provisioning saves me having to hire two engineers.”

Ernie Stripling, Denton School District