Single Sign-On

Enboard offers automated provisioning of assets and resources through the Enboard suite.


  • Saves money and time.
  • Utilize one log-in.
  • Centralized access to multi-platform, web-enabled resources.
  • Quick, reliable and secure access.

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Product Details

True Single Sign-On provides one log-in for all digital resources. This is essential for every student, parent, teacher and administrator. SSO improves user satisfaction, saves money by automating services and saves time for anyone accessing and monitoring the system. Through centralized access to multi-platform, web-enabled resources, SSO enables every user on the network quick, reliable and secure access.

Enboard Overview

An image depicting the Enboard Ecosystem, comprised of a suite of tools for single sign-on, automated provisioning for student resources, automated student rostering, and many other tools.
Enboard offers automated provisioning of assets and resources through the Enboard suite.

Automated Provisioning

Automates User and Resource Provisioning and Management

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Tired of students and staff losing or forgetting passwords for multiple systems? Single Sign-On (SSO) from Enboard may be the answer.

Single Sign-On

Provides Centralized Access to Multi-Platform, Web-enabled Resources

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Enhanced Authentication from Enboard is a centralized identity provider that works with any system using standard security protocols.

Enhanced Authentication (EA)

Enables Cross-Platform Authentication via Federation

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Receive a lot of requests from students or teachers to reset their password? Identity Verification System (IVS) is a simple, online self-service reset system.

Identity Verification System (IVS)

Automates User On-boarding, SSO Self Service and Password Reset

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ADvance makes it quick and easy for IT staff to synchronize Active Directory changes to SaaS services like Office 365, Exchange, & Google.


Enables Active Directory-based Management of Cloud Communication Platforms

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If you manage many distrubution lists and must frequently make changes that don't always sync correctly between email platforms, Group Editor might be the answer.

Group Editor

Provides Web and Outlook-based Management of Office 365/Exchange Groups and Lists

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